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User Segmentation Service

Know Your Users, Adapt Their Experience


Integrate With Playnomics, Send A User ID, Receive a User’s Profile, Know What Makes Them React

With User Segmentation Service (USS) app developers can utilize Playnomics’ sophisticated analytics, data science, and segmentation through a Dynamic API. Knowing is half the battle, and in the battle to reach the top you should strive to know as much as you can about your audience. By segmenting and predicting user behavior you can better understand what makes users tick and encourage activity that will promote engagement, improve retention, and increase monetization. Now imagine being able to do this with the tools you already use, such as your favorite email program, push notification service, or in-app messaging tool!

This powerful new technology allows app developers of all types and advertisers to target users in more effective ways. Take advantage of Playnomics’ powerful segmentation engine combined with the tools that you have grown accustomed to.

Who Can Benefit From USS?

App & Game Developers

Adapt user experience using your favorite tools. We collect key behavioral data points, specific to your app or game, to build highly valuable segments of users. Use these segments to consistently provide users with highly relevant and engaging content. Doing so will result in increases across key performance indicators, including return rate, ARPU, and more!

Ad Networks, Exchanges & DSPs

Use our segments and user data to augment bidding and buying of ads. Make your ads highly relevant and targeted so that the audience will care about and engage with them. Improve eCPC and eCPA and increase ROI.

Anyone Who Segments Users!

Key Features:

How To Use USS

What Kind of User Segments Can I Use?

Our sophisticated segmentation technology crunches key user data (ex: how often a user returns, how long each session is, and how much they spend) and builds segments of users that fit your specific needs. Use custom events and our Custom Segment Builder to create segments around milestones important to your app, such as level completed, win-loss ratio, or even item owned. Using API calls, a list of users and corresponding segments will then be returned to you, ready to be used! For more information, please refer to our technical documentation.


How Much Does USS Cost?

We want to ensure that you are receiving the maximum value and return from USS. We currently offer two pricing options, a monthly fee based on the number apps, or a cost per data call. We will work with you to design plan that will fit your specific needs. Please contact us for more details at

Getting Started

  1. Create a PlayRM account & a new application
  2. Integrate with Playnomics via our SDK or Server to Sever
  3. Begin sending data to Playnomics
  4. Use your Playnomics API Key to make calls to
  5. Receive user segment information
  6. Profit!