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Protect Your VIPs And Monetize Your Low Value Players

Protect Your VIPs

Game publishers face the challenge of maximizing revenue from all players – driving revenue from loyal customers and whale spenders – while other players go un-monetized. With PlayRM Revenue, you can protect your best players and supply the marketplace with player segments they want to monetize to the fullest potential. We know that player behaviors and spend patterns may shift – rest assured that our dynamic segmentation engine will ensure that only your low value or non-spenders are exposed.

Monetize Your Low Value Players

Our dynamic segmentation engine will identify the low value or non-spenders in your game. You can now monetize these segments through the PlayRM Revenue by exposing them to 3rd party advertisement. Connect these segments to brand campaigns or cross-promote other games to ensure you are getting real money out of them.

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Our SDK is quick and easy to implement (we know you don’t have much time)