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Acquisition Value Predictor (AVP)

Predict Marketing ROI & Acquire Better Users


Acquire New Users with Confidence

It can take months of data collection to determine the ROI for each of your marketing channels and campaigns. Within days of acquisition, AVP predicts which users will monetize and their lifetime spend. Understanding each user’s predicted lifetime value removes the uncertainty around which channels and campaigns will supply greater ROI, and allows you to reallocate marketing spend with confidence.

What Our Partners Are Saying

MobileAppTracking provides app marketers a single SDK for unbiased attribution. By integrating with Playnomics’ Acquisition Value Predictor, our clients can predict the lifetime value of their advertising partners and channels, and effectively showing early signs of which sources will most likely be ROI positive. Access to predictive trends like this are a game changer for app marketers who want to quickly adjust their campaigns for better performance.
- Peter Hamilton, CEO of HasOffers

Key Features:


Key Benefits:

Integration Choices: Postbacks vs SDK

There are two options for integrating each of your mobile apps with AVP:

Server to Server/Postbacks: Set-up postbacks with any of our attribution partners. Integration is quick and collects basic predictive data.

Playnomics SDK Integration + Attribution: SDK integration collects more robust predictive data and allows you to segment users by predicted behavior and spend to execute personalized retention and monetization campaigns.


The Secret Sauce

AVP provides predictive intelligence to help you acquire higher-value users while spending with greater efficacy. AVP is built on our machine learning stack utilizing unsupervised clustering methods, supervised regression modeling, and Bayesian updating technology to accurately project user value throughout each lifecycle.