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Predictive Analytics and Personalized Marketing for Mobile Apps and Games

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+ Profile +

Demographic data only tells a partial story about who your users are. Understand them on a deeper level by studying how they behave.

Behavioral & Custom Segmentation

By collecting key events and data points via our lightweight SDK, we can dynamically segment users based on look alike patterns in behavior, spend, location, and lifecycle. With the flexibility to combine data points and customize segments you can find exactly who you want to target.

+ Predict +

Using historical data and trends to compare a user’s previous behavior, you can then predict their future behavior.

Data-Fueled Predictive Analytics

With our predictive metrics, you can better understand your users’ behavior. Know what your users want, when they want it, and how to motivate them. By doing so you can encourage further positive behavior and outcomes.

+ Personalize +

Promote positive future behavior by providing dynamic and targeted messages to increase user retention, engagement, and monetization.

Targeted Campaigns

With PlayRM’s easy-to-use drag and drop campaign builder you can target individual segments with in-app messaging, third-party ads, push notifications, or video and static ads. Build and deliver campaigns to increase engagement, retention, and monetization.

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